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La Puente hosts 1-3 full-time volunteers that serve with our Social Enterprises program

You can help us meet the need!
In the past, we have partnered with the United Church of Christ’s Partners in Service program to allow for opportunities for international volunteerism, as well as local colleges to provide domestic volunteer opportunities.

Enterprises’ full-time volunteers serve about 37-40 hours a week at two of La Puente’s Social Enterprises: Rainbow’s End Thrift Store and Milagros Coffee House. They also can arrange other service opportunities throughout our other service programs. During their time at La Puente, full-time volunteers will have the opportunity to become immersed in rural southwestern entrepreneurship. Full-time volunteers must be 18 years of age.

For more information about our full-time and international volunteer programs, please email director.volunteers@lapuente.net.  

To apply to be an international volunteer through United Church of Christ Volunteer Partners in Service Program, check out their website at www.ucc.org/partners-in-service.