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Donation Total: $500.00

Leverage additional tax savings with these 2 Tax Credit Programs:

  1. The Colorado Homeless Contribution Tax Credit (HCTC) is equal to 30% of your donation. e.g., A $1,000 donation yields a $300 tax credit. This program benefits the Shelter, Crisis Prevention, Street Outreach & Adelante Family Resource Center

  1. Child Care Tax Credit* is equal to 50% of your donation (Supports PALS only) e.g., A $100 donation to CCTC yields a $50 state tax credit.

How to Get Tax Credits

  1. Donate $100 or more per donation excluding PayPal fees.  
  2. In the comment section write : “HCTC” for a 30% tax credit or “PALS/CCTC” for a 50% tax credit. (supports PALS only) 
  3. Call our office at 719-589-5909 to provide information for tax purposes.
  4. We’ll send you a certificate of tax credit.

* To be eligible, you must be a Colorado resident. These tax credits can be carried forward for up to five future tax years.

Non-Monetary Donation Options