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Supportive Housing

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About Adelante

a resource center for all families trying to find success
Adelante Family Resource Center promotes the empowerment and stabilization of families. Adelante supported families are offered individualized assistance in the navigation of resources that will help families set and reach their goals. Services include assistance with housing, case management, referrals, improved access to counseling, and family advocacy. Through supporting families as they seek to improve their quality of life and achieve a healthy interdependence, Adelante seeks to be a resource center for all families who wish to flourish, especially for those who need a bit of extra support to make their dreams a reality.

To apply for Adelante’s Supportive Housing Program please fill out the application and collect the required documents. Submit all paperwork to: Adelante | P.O. Box 595 Alamosa, CO 81101​

To Apply:

We believe families of all shapes, sizes, and abilities should have the opportunity to thrive. Adelante offers housing, case management, skills development, and resources to San Luis Valley families in need of support.

Digging Deeper

Frequently asked questions

Too many individuals and families are trapped living in crisis and are never able to reach their potential or live independently because often they lack the support, skills, and resources to make that transformation possible. Adelante works closely with families as they identify and achieve their dreams. By providing educational opportunities, job support, financial management training, counseling, and other foundational support Adelante can better aid families in working towards goals that will lead them out of homelessness and towards a stabilization.

Adelante partners with families of all shapes and sizes. Families live in one of 27 housing units owned by La Puente while receiving intensive support and case management services from Adelante staff and AmeriCorps members. Each family works toward achieving a health interdependence and long-term stability, Adelante will partner with each family as long as is necessary to facilitate that goal.

Program highlights for families include:

  • Stable Housing
  • Goal-setting and achievement
  • Improved access to job training and education
  • Improved access to individual and family counseling
  • Parent workshops, Parent Cafe’s and education opportunities
  • Financial health training

Working Together: Partners with parents with early childhood aged children living in the San Luis Valley to improve their economic opportunities. Adelante works with families to improve their financial strength through educational and vocational advancement. Family Advocates ensure a family has access to the resources and opportunities while parents do the work necessary to advance their young families.

Family Services: This program seeks to help streamline the process for families to get what they need. After an initial assessment, families are streamlined into other Adelante programs or are matched and introduced to other programs and service providers to help ensure each family gets what they need.

In honor of Ruth Bloom, long time San Luis Valley resident, the Ruth Bloom Self-Sufficiency Fund was created to provide start-up monies for families experiencing homelessness who are working their way towards financial independence. Adelante Operates a Supportive Housing Program that serves families experiencing homelessness in the San Luis Valley. Like Ruth, thank you for believing in the resiliency and worth of families in need!

Who is Ruth Bloom?

From Zavaruha (Little Whirlwind), to Mom, to Friend, to Grandma, to Union Organizer, to Supporter of Youth, Strong Families, and Strong Communities, Ruth Bloom has had a life-long commitment to social justice and peace.

Donate to the Fund

Making a donation to the Ruth Bloom Self-Sufficiency Fund is easy. 


  1. Make your donation payable to “La Puente’s Adelante Program.”
  2. Write “Ruth Bloom Self-Sufficiency Fund” in the memo.
  3. Mail your donation to: La Puente, PO Box 1235, Alamosa, CO 81101
  4. OR, hand deliver it to La Puente Administration, 911 State Ave, Alamosa CO 81101
  5. We’ll mail you a receipt!

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