A licensed daycare for kids combating instability in their home lives. Children expand their horizons, develop emotional resilience and build positive adult relationships proving that positive activities lead to success.

PALS is a licensed after-school and summer children’s program for children ages 5 to 10 combating instability in their home lives. The mission of PALS is to provide children, who have experienced trauma, social-emotional learning in a structured environment of nurture, creativity, and exploration. The PALS staff works closely with parents, teachers, caseworkers, and other service providers to serve each child in the best way possible so they can grow to reach their potential.

Why Do We Need a Children’s Program?

As a result of difficult economic circumstances in the San Luis Valley, many families struggle with food insecurity and finding stable, affordable housing. The conditions of poverty often lead to difficult physical and emotional living conditions which leave many children living in circumstances where abuse, neglect, and maltreatment are common. These children have a high need for extra support and attention during their formative years to overcome these challenges and to ensure a bright future wherein the poverty and struggle of their youth is not repeated.

Why Do We Meet That Need?

PALS, which stands for Positive Activities Lead to Success, is a licensed after-school and summer children’s program for children ages 5 to 10 designed to address each child’s past experiences in order to ensure his or her present and future success. The program provides a positive structure, offers an explorative learning environment, and builds trusting relationships for children who come from difficult or traumatic backgrounds.

Children are accepted into the PALS program on a referral basis. These referrals can come from multiple sources including the Adelante program, the Shelter, and from the Alamosa County Department of Human Services, among others. PALS staff works closely with these agencies, and with the schools to serve each child in the best way possible.

A typical day at PALS includes activities like group sharing in circle time, snacks, homework time, and working one-on-one with staff on reaching goals. Other daily activities range from park outings to cooking lessons to art and music sessions. All PALS activities aim to offer a positive, supportive environment and opportunities for children to broaden their personal experiences. During the summer and on days when school is not in session, PALS runs a full-day program. These days often involve special activities such as field trips around the Valley and around the state. PALS Pride is one way that the program gives back to their community. Whether it’s picking up trash, planting trees for Arbor Day, handing out groceries for the Food Bank, or hoeing weeds in an alleyway, the PALS kids learn the important value of hard work.

What Can You Do To Help?


1) Become a PALS Big Buddy! Big Buddies offer an extra helping hand whether it’s for a day or for the entire year.

2) If you have a special skill, share it with PALS by teaching a lesson and leading the children in a fun activity!

Make a Financial Contribution

Financial contributions help pay for field trips, healthy snacks, and materials for activities.

If you are interested in volunteering with PALS, please contact the Volunteer Coordination Office at (719) 587-3499.

PALS Children’s Program
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