Adelante is a family resource center providing strength, stability, and support so families can thrive. Adelante offers housing, case management, skills development, and resources to families in need of support in the SLV.

Adelante Family Resource Center provides strength, stability, and support so families can achieve their potential. Adelante utilizes best practice strategies for two-generational services and a strength-based approach utilizing a supportive system that includes housing, case management, job training, referrals, counseling, parenting, and family advocacy classes. Families are the drivers, Adelante is the navigator. Adelante seeks to be a resource center for families of all shapes & sizes trying to find success, but especially for those who are in need of extra support.

Why Do We Need Adelante Family Services?

Too many individuals and families are trapped living in crisis and are never able to reach their potential or live independently because often they lack the support, skills, and resources to make that transformation possible.  Families with children are a growing segment of the homeless population and we have been working with the Colorado Dept. of Human Services on implementing best practice strategies for two-generation and strengthening family approaches.

Adelante works closely with families to aid them identifying and achieving their dreams. By providing educational opportunities, job support, financial management training, counseling, and other foundational support Adelante is able to aid families in working towards goals that will lead them out of homelessness and towards self-sufficiency.

How Does Adelante Meet That Need?

Our Adelante program utilizes a comprehensive system including housing, case management, job training, counseling, parenting and life skills classes. Adelante’s program utilizes a strength-based approach that seeks to focus on the strengths of a family rather than their deficits.   Families are the drivers; Adelante is just the navigator.  Families get to choose what their version of success looks like.

When you can start to focus on what’s strong with a family, rather than what’s wrong you can actually begin the process of transformation and growth.  These families have survived much and, in the process, have developed resiliency and skills that are transferable to other types of success. Adelante partners with families through several programs that seek to help families thrive.

Adelante’s Supportive Housing Program

Adelante partners with families of all shapes and sizes.  Clients live in one of 27 housing units owned by La Puente while receiving intensive support and case management from Adelante staff and AmeriCorps members.  Each client works toward interdependence and long-term stability, Adelante will partner with each client as long as is necessary to facilitate that goal.

Program highlights for clients include:

• Housing
• Weekly meeting with case manager
• Job training and education
• Individual and family counseling
• Parenting and life skills classes
• Financial management training

To apply for Adelante’s Supportive Housing Program please fill out the application and collect the required documents.

Submit all paperwork to:
P.O. Box 595
Alamosa, CO 81101

Adelante also has several other programs which work with families living throughout the SLV.  

Working Together Program

Working Together partners with parents with young children living in the San Luis Valley to improve their economic opportunities.  Adelante works with families to improve their financial strength through educational and vocational advancement. Family Advocates ensure a family has access to the resources and opportunities while parents do the work necessary to advance their young families.


Colorado Community Response Program

Adelante is also part of the Colorado Community Response Program, an effort to support families in all six counties of the San Luis Valley.  Families referred to the program through the Department of Human Services have had contact with Child Protective Services but have not met the government threshold for further action from CPS, but the families are still in need of support and resources.  Adelante Family Advocates contact referred families in order to solicit their voluntary participation. These families are then matched with resources and educational materials that help meet the immediate needs of the family and focus on creating a safe, positive space for children to grow and develop.  

Family Supportive Services

This program seeks to help streamline the process for families to get what they need.  After an initial assessment, families are streamlined into other Adelante programs or are matched and introduced to other programs and service providers to help ensure each family gets what they need.

Overall, Adelante seeks to be a resource center for all families trying to find success, but especially for those who are in need of extra support to make their dreams a reality

How Can You Help?

Support the Ruth Bloom Self-Sufficiency Fund!

In honor of Ruth Bloom, long time San Luis Valley resident, the Ruth Bloom Self-Sufficiency Fund was created to provide start-up monies for homeless families who are working their way towards financial independence with Adelante. Adelante is the only two-year transitional housing program for families experiencing homelessness in the San Luis Valley.

Who is Ruth Bloom?

From Zavaruha (Little Whirlwind), to Mom, to Friend, to Grandma, to Union Organizer, to Supporter of Youth, Strong Families, and Strong Communities, Ruth Bloom has had a life-long commitment to social justice and peace.

Listen to Ruth tell her story>>

Donate to the Fund

Making a donation to the Ruth Bloom Self-Sufficiency Fund is easy.  Here’s how:

  1. Make your donation payable to “La Puente’s Adelante Program.”
  2. Write “Ruth Bloom Self-Sufficiency Fund” in the memo.
  3. Mail your donation to: La Puente, PO Box 1235, Alamosa, CO 81101
  4. OR, hand deliver it to La Puente Administration, 911 State Ave, Alamosa CO 81101
  5. We’ll mail you a receipt!

Like Ruth, thank you for believing in the resiliency and worth of families in need!! You can also donate to the Fund online!

Share a Life Skill

Adelante is always looking for community volunteers to speak at our weekly Life Skills classes. If you have a talent, skill or passion you’d like to share, we can use your talents.

If you to want to be able to help people build the life they’ve always wanted to live, you can donate household items for a new family move in, adopt a family for Christmas or Thanksgiving, or help us connect folks to resources here in our community.

Please call  (719) 587-0538 for information.

Adelante Family Resource Center
600 Hunt Ave.
Alamosa, CO 81101

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Adelante Family Resource Center is proudly supported by the following partners:

America’s Road Home, Inc.

San Luis Valley Community Action Agency