At La Puente, we believe in the dignity of every human being.

We should all have the opportunity to have the tools to meet our own basic needs and the needs of our families.

We began out of a community’s desire to ensure that no one had to freeze to death at night because they didn’t have a home.

From that concern, we have grown to offer a safety net of services to give hope to those who need it the most.

La Puente offers families & individuals what they need to heal, strengthen, and ultimately thrive.

With compassion and respect, amazing things are possible. Join us!

La Puente is our community’s response to the effects of poverty, providing a safety net where individuals and families get what they need to stabilize, heal, strengthen, and ultimately thrive.

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Emergency Shelter
Food Bank Network
Crisis Prevention Services
Adelante Family Resource Center
PALS Children’s Program
Social Enterprises
Rural Outreach Initiative