In acknowledging the passing of Jo Wasson, La Puente wants to celebrate what she has meant to both our mission and the history of the Church at Woodmoor. Indeed, Jo had a profound impact on the mission of La Puente and the work of other ministries throughout Colorado and beyond.  

Jo made it clear what she valued.  In her life, alongside Doug and later in her widow years, Jo dedicated everything she had in her to the strengthening of church, the urgency of engaging and supporting church missions, and living a life of faith that is rich in service to others. She showed the Church at Woodmoor and other churches a purpose that extended outside of their walls.

“To see Jo animated and truly alive, all one had to do was bring up church missions.”

To see Jo animated and truly alive, all one had to do was bring up church missions. She would beam with excitement about ministries of service and love near and far.  Matthew 25 stuff.  She shared stories about work with the Heifer Project, Habitat for Humanity, Church World Service, Mountain Trails Camp, Christian Community Services, Tri-Lakes Cares, Ecumenical Social Ministries, and The Fellowship of the Second Mile, to name a few. “Faith in Action” meant getting involved, getting dirty if needed, and working to learn what Christian compassion looks like in our world. How could anyone not be inspired? Her actions and efforts compelled the involvement of others, bringing vibrancy and resources to so many missions seeking to do God’s work.  

There are two bible verses that sum up Jo’s legacy:

At the point of Paul’s conversion, (Acts 9), Paul shouts: “Who are you Lord?”  The voice from the light around him declares “I am Jesus…”  

Embracing the answer to this question is the beginning of a new life.  Yet to understand Jo Wasson is to engage what happens next:  Paul asks a second question, “What do you want me to do, Lord?”

 Jo’s perspective was that we should ask this question each and every day for the rest of our lives. 

Jo’s answer to that question led her to first support and strengthen the “church,” and second, to engage in missions that brought love and compassion to those suffering in our midst and beyond. 

We all mourn the loss of Jo Wasson, and both her and Doug’s inspiration and vision that established the foundation for The Church at Woodmoor.  La Puente has been blessed by both Doug and Jo, and the church family for over 30 years.  Let their vision and legacy continue to grow and blossom!