We are so thankful to live in a place that understands that community is not a noun, it is a verb set in motion each and every single day.  Amidst these trying times, we are so proud of the many partners and heroes that have come together to ensure that our community can get through this crisis.  Below you will find a library of community resources.  We are stronger together!

You can apply for public asstiance programs to help pay for child care, buy nutritious food, get cash assistance, and access health care coverage.  Benefits like SNAP (Food Stamps) and TANF currently do not require in person interviews and are working to fast track the process.

Apply Online Now: Colorado PEAK

Charter to Offer Free Access to Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi For 60 Days For New K-12 and College Student Households and More

Free Internet

Other Local Food Sources Includuing School Lunches for Students

SLV COVID Food Resource Directory

If you have have been laid off or had your hours reduced apply for unemployment

Unemployment Benefits

Resrouces for students and parents looking for educational opportuntities during school closures.

Free Online Subscriptions