Black Lives Matter

A Message of Support and Intent

As an organization, our staff and our values have asked us to begin a deeper conversation and to lead from our values.  This is less a definitive statement about Black Lives Matter or current events and more a public declaration of how we will lead and our desire for our community as we move forward.

La Puente was founded with the value of dignity, the belief that we are all worthy of love, respect,  compassion, and opportunity—without exception.  We believe that the health of our community must be measured by how well these values are reflected in our relationship with, and treatment of, the most vulnerable.  For decades we have worked alongside the marginalized to overcome systemic barriers that leave them without food, shelter, clothing, medical care, safety, & other basic necessities. 

La Puente fights daily in solidarity with those much of the world would rather disregard.  This is why we unequivocally believe Black Lives Matter.  We stand with those who are working to create justice against systems, institutions, and attitudes which target and dehumanize our Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) neighbors. 

As La Puente works with our community to address racial inequity, we condemn any act of violence in any of its forms.  We ask those who disagree to seek compassion and empathy.  In our work, we know we can make great strides for greater equity and justice, by listening to those most affected by the issues and learning from their lived wisdom.  Police violence is real, yet only one symptom of the deeper racism that lies within us and that permeates our social institutions.  We believe in the values which have made this country great and will continue to work to achieve the great American ideal of “liberty and  justice for all.”

“In our work, we know we can make great strides for greater equity and justice, by listening to those most affected by the issues and learning from their lived wisdom.”

These are concrete ways we are doing so:

  • Our grassroots efforts seek to empower residents of the San Luis Valley (SLV) to overcome historical neglect and underinvestment by expanding on established relationships with residents and communities spread across the SLV, seeking and supporting those communities with self-identified solutions to create healthier more equitable communities.
  • We have begun an internal review of our programs to ensure our policies and procedures align with our core values of dignity and equity. 
  • We will seek to continue to develop and support community-wide efforts, like the Alamosa Homeless Coalition and the Rural Alliance for Dignity, that focus on working together and building community to overcome social issues that afflict our communities.

La Puente stands with those who “never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” We respect the crucial role police officers play in keeping our communities safe. Let us work together as we reimagine what public safety can look like and how we actually achieve it.  Let us find solutions that create safety through the lens of those most affected so we can create true justice.   This is a rallying call, rather than a definitive statement on the issues of equity within our community 

As we move forward as a nation, we must remember that we truly are more alike than we are different.  The more we can look at the stranger as our neighbor who is worthy of love, compassion, and opportunity; the closer we will come to peace and justice.

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