The San Luis Valley is a unique and mysterious place, but its greatest treasure is its people.  The community that exists here is built-on mutual cooperation and an innate desire to help one another.  Less than one week ago, La Puente’s Food Bank Network of the San Luis Valley called on our community to help us meet the growing need in our community.

With over 22 million Americans filing for unemployment in the last month, more than ever, families are having to figure out how to make ends meet.  Across the San Luis Valley, food pantries have seen an increase in demand for our services.  Hundreds of new families have had to reach for the first time to seek emergency food.

During this pandemic, the challenge to help feed the local community has been exacerbated by the demands on the supply chain.  Reliable sources of food were unable to meet our orders for the additional food required to feed the hungry in our community.  So, we got creative.  The Food Bank Network was able to find a supplier who was willing to sell an entire semi-truck’s of food to replenish our stocks.  All we needed to do was come up with the money to make the purchase.

We called on our local community to help meet this goal.  The response was phenomenal!   Dozens and dozens of local residents pledged their support to our cause.  The donations ranged from the spare change in their pocket to thousands of dollars.  Each donation was made out of love and care for our neighbors because we know that we really are stronger together.

This message was heard and felt far and wide.  In fact, so much support came in that we shattered the goal of bringing a semi-truck’s worth of food.  By coupling the support of local residents with the support of foundations and local businesses, La Puente’s Food Bank Network will be able to purchase a semi-truck and far far more!

In fact, our community responded so quickly to our plea that the paint our “semi-meter” didn’t even get to dry before we had already reached our initial goal.

Special thank you to San Luis Valley Health Foundation, COVID19 Hunger Relief Fund, Buck Foundation, Kenneth King Foundation, Colorado Health Foundation, Outcalt Foundation, Colorado COVID Relief Fund, SLV Federal Bank, & Mountain River Credit Union for their generous support of our efforts.  All donations will go to feeding the hungry in our community.

A silver lining in all of this is the beautiful way our community has come and will continue to come together.  Thank you SLV & beyond, we are stronger together!

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