La Puente's Food Bank Network of the San Luis Valley is a made up of 15 food pantries that strive to address the immediacy of hunger and access to food in our communities by providing nutritious emergency food to help ensure no one has to go hungry in the San Luis Valley.

Food is essential to survival and everyone should have the ability to put good, nutritious food on the table to feed their family. The Food Bank Network strives to address the immediacy of hunger and access to nutritious food in our communities. Through a network of 15 food banks spread across 8,000 sq. mi., The Food Bank Network provides nutritious emergency food to help ensure no one must go to bed hungry in the SLV. More than just a box of food, the Food Bank Network seeks to offer fresh produce and healthy options so individuals and families can make their own choices while getting the most abundant and nutritious options for their budgets.

Why Do We Need A Food Bank Network?

Throughout the San Luis Valley isolation, poverty, geographic expanse, and limited economic opportunities give way to great human need. As a result, food insecurity is rampant. Individuals and families often find themselves choosing between buying groceries and making house payments. Rising food insecurity is a growing reality nationwide and in the rural San Luis Valley that increasing need is no different. An average of 1 in 4 living in the Valley utilize the Food Bank Network at some point during the year. More and more families are turning to emergency food banks as part of their long-term strategies to meet monthly shortfalls in food. It is for this reason that the Food Bank Network of the San Luis Valley exists.

How Do We Meet That Need?

The Food Bank Network consists of 15 food pantries located throughout the San Luis Valley. Each Food Bank offers nutrient-dense perishable and nonperishable food options to anyone in need. In addition to providing food, the Food Bank Network also provides access to educational resources around SNAP benefits and nutrition so individuals and families can get the most abundant and healthiest options for their budgets.

At the Alamosa Food Bank, the hub of the Food Bank Network, donations of perishable food from local food retailers are received on a regular basis ranging from daily to weekly. These donations, along with the generous support of other individuals and organizations, account for a large portion of the food we distribute. Everyone in need is welcome to visit a food bank and receive free groceries.

Some, like the Alamosa Food Bank, use a point system where clients are given a certain number of points with which to shop for their items. Others, such as the Monte Vista Food Bank, pre-package the items and distribute a similar package to each client. Regardless of the system in place, each food bank aims to offer good, nutritional food options to its patrons.

Community Response

One day a gentleman came into the Alamosa Food Bank wanting to use his points. The entire time he was at the Food Bank you could tell he was shopping with his young son’s growing needs in mind. For instance, he explained how his son had a newfound taste for cereal and couldn’t get enough of it. He was thrilled we had them! With fair market rent being $639 for a two-bedroom house in Alamosa County, over half of this man’s income would go to just paying rent, not including utilities and heating. Oftentimes, individuals who walk through our doors are not looking for handouts- they’re looking for tools to help improve their situations, or they’re just looking for a little help here and there.  It’s clear this gentleman wants the best for his small family and utilizes the Food Bank to try and put some of those pieces together.

What You Can Do To Help

Coordinate a Food Drive

Food drives allow us to provide a variety of goods on the shelves which allows clients to pick from greater options. If you would like to hold a food drive for the Food Bank Network please call (719) 589-4567.

Make a Monetary Donation

Financial donations allow us to meet the most urgent need – whether purchasing food or covering gas for pickups.

Grow a Row!

Dedicate part of your own garden to food bank needs.


We can always use volunteers! Call the Volunteer Coordination Office at (719) 587-3499 to learn about special events and volunteer opportunities.

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