La Puente’s Adelante Family Resource Center hosted a recent event, “Chillin with a Cop.”  In a partnership to see how we can create safer communities, Adelante partnered with the Alamosa Police Department to create connection between law enforcement and the families in the Adelante program.  Sergeant Squries, Corporals Amber. and Ivan Garcia and Officers Salazar, Van Ry, Smith, and Bertsch all took part in the event.  The event also offered an opportunity to introduce Alamosa School Resource Officer Valdez to many of the new students he is working with at Alamosa Elementary.  Police Officers helped serve up ice cream sundaes to all the attending families as well as spent time getting to know the families in the Adelante program.

This event will be a continuing partnership between La Puente and the local police department.  Together, they hope to employ aspects of community policing that can improve the community.  Areas of collaboration can include:

  • Work to prevent crime before it happens rather than responding to crime after it occurs.
  • Focuses on creating a safe social environment.
  • Engage residents to determine which criminal activities they are most affected by, creating an accurate law enforcement priority list shaped by the people who live in the community.
  • Encourages residents to participate with law enforcement in order to keep their own community safe.

By increasing trust and cooperation between law enforcement and the local community, we can create a stronger, safer community.  Enjoy the photos from the event and help us thank our amazing police officers for their tireless work!

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