COVID-19 has impacted us all.  In many ways, it has shown the best of us as a community.  It has shown the power of compassion and cooperation, as community partners develop new creative solutions and collaborations.  COVID has proven that we are indeed stronger together.

Our community has always had its issues, but COVID laid bare many of the vulnerabilities in our society and has shown just how many families struggle to get their basic needs met.  As we begin the slow crawl back to recovery, the most vulnerable among us will need us more than ever.

Together, we have and will continue to take care of our neighbors in need.  One persistent issue that has been exacerbated by this current crisis is that of hunger in our community.

In order to understand what hunger looks like in the San Luis Valley, one must understand that it doesn’t just hide in the fringes. With over 10,000 unduplicated individuals utilizing one of the 15 pantries in La Puente’s Food Bank Network last year, it’s clear that food insecurity in the Valley is a real problem. Here in our  rural communities, one in four feel the effects of hunger and reach out for assistance to feed their family.  To solve this issue, we’re all going to have to be involved.

To engage community support for hunger relief efforts, La Puente is hosting their Hunger Education Week.  Rather than cancel this annual education series due to COVID, the La Puente staff believe we can all benefit from the support and education this event provides to the community.  This year’s events look much different than events in the past, but still hold the same amazing opportunities to help others.

Help fight hunger during COVID & Beyond!

CROP Hunger Walk Challenge

Week-long | Virtual Challenge

Walk in solidarity with those experiencing hunger around the world. Join this worldwide effort to support global and local hunger relief efforts.

Great opportunity to get outside, learn about the realities of hunger, and how you can fight it!

Learn more & take the challenge at

VEGI Volunteer Drive

Tuesday | Apr 28 | Virtual Live Event | 5 pm – 6 pm

Help ensure VEGI has the volunteer support they need to plant their garden to help feed our community! The event will ask participants to pledge to volunteer in the VEGI Community Gardens during May.

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Non-Facebook Users:

Fill the Van Needs Drive

Wednesday | Apr 29 | 6th & State | 10 am – 6 pm Save

Help your community by donating high-needs items to the Food Bank.

We are hoping to secure donations of plastic bags, boxes, & egg cartons. Community members can also learn about volunteer opportunities to help fight hunger locally.

La Puente is so proud to have served the San Luis Valley for 38 years and will continue to serve as long as there are those in our community who struggle with homelessness, hunger, & other crises that destabilize families.  La Puente can only serve because of the compassionate neighbors who believe in the power of their mission and support their efforts.  Be a part of their efforts and see firsthand how we really are stronger together.